Meet Our Alumni

Are you a high school student wondering whether you should sit the CAP exam next year? Are you curious about what it’s like to participate in the International Physics Olympiad?

From learning through intensive physics classes at training camp, to representing Canada as part of the national team in this world competition, our Canadian Olympiad alumni have stories and unique perspectives that will encourage and inspire high school physics students to reach for the top!

In our video below, meet Olympiad alumni members and current PhD-holders, Sonny Chan (Research Scientist at Meta Reality Labs, Washington), Felip Crnogorac (Director of Technology [Biotech] at Centrillion Technologies, California) and Boris Braverman (Senior Research Scientist at QuEra Computing, Boston), who share highlights of their experiences as former Team Canada participants, and how this competition influenced their subsequent careers and enhanced their professional opportunities in physics.

Olympiad alumni: Sonny Chan (IPhO 1998, 1999), Felip Crnogorac (IPhO 1998 & 1999) and Boris Braverman (IPhO 2006); interview with Kirsty Dickson, Department of Physics & Astronomy Communications & Outreach Coordinator, March 15, 2023.